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Laiken Consult - Logistics Experts - Shipping, Customs clearance & Transportation



Laiken Consult established in 2010 has since been at the forefront of Uganda's logistics industry, delivering marine and air freight logistics services to business that import and export goods throughout East Africa. With a fleet of trucks at our disposal, cross boarder transportation of goods has never been easier.

In order to garantee customer satisfactioin, Laiken consult partners with cargo giant Bin Thani Express Cargo [BINTEC] in Dubai and China ensuring that our consignments are handled with care, tracked and monitored.

We at Laiken Consult take pride in linking Uganda to Mombasa and Dar-es-salaam with a team of experienced logistics agents stationed at both ports who coordinate cross boarder delivery of goods with the easiest of convenience to the client.

Whether you're an everyday importer or trying it for your first time, custom clearance and cross border logistics can be a nightmare! With our URA and KRA certified agents who are EAC compliant, we make the best out of the trade and you can forget about any nightmares when you have Laiken Consult in your corner.

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